About Me

Fun Facts

ok, only a little fun..


Favorite Sport: Soccer
Do you have hidden talents most people don’t know about? I’m really good on bikes, I was actually BMX state champion while in high school.
What’s a weird habit you have? My computer is so organized that its cluttered. I have folders inside folders.
Favorite color:  Maroon

To be continued…….

My {Quick} Story

What’s up guys, I’m Joshua.

Alumni of Northwood University with a Bachelors in both Marketing | Management along with a minor in advertisement.

Born and raised in Oscoda Michigan, influenced by the outdoors and also urban environments. I went to a small school and started finding my passion in creative marketing at the age of 12. My first company was creating logos and .gif banners for bands and athletes to help them stand out / be shared on the social media site myspace. Who would have thought back then that years down the road I would still have a drive and innovative mind for this market.

Sophomore year of college at Northwood University I was asked to create a business plan. I drew one up for a clothing company I called Lights Alive Apparel. Once the assignment was finished I realized this was something I could really do. Two months later and a few hundred YouTube videos and how to articles I taught my self web design, how to launch marketing campaigns, and the best ways to grow a company on social medias.

3 years down the road and I have sold to over 20+ countries, grew a social media following of 90,000+ followers (twitter & Instagram combined), and successfully launched 4 collections with their own marketing campaigns.


My day job is being a Marketing & Design Consultant

Outside of that & Lights Alive Apparel, I run the blog site dream3six5.com, sell real-estate in Oscoda, Mi, and create YouTube videos for fun.